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Custom Face Coverings

We can customize your face coverings using your logo, pattern or custom color palette. We have standard colors and patterns available, but we are able to create any face covering design you can imagine. Minimum quantities are applicable.

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Solid Color Face Coverings

We have an assortment of solid color face coverings that will not only look stylish, but help your customers and associates keep their community and loved ones safe from COVID19 and other airborne pathogens.

Pattern Themed Face Coverings

We have a wide range of pattern and flag themed face coverings. Whatever you can think of in terms of color and pattern, we can create. We have over 75 pattern and flag face coverings ready for immediate shipping. Keep yourself, your community and the world safe from COVID19 by using Impact Apparel’s 3 ply face coverings.

Display Options

We have a number of display options available so you can present and sell your Impact Apparel face coverings in high traffic, Point of Purchase areas. Your display will be included with your purchase of the face coverings.

High Quality Packaging

Your face coverings will arrive in high quality, easy to read packaging that attracts the consumer’s eye and ensures they know they are purchasing a product of quality. Packaging of face coverings comes standard as one per package, but we can create packages of 2 or 3 face coverings based on minimum quantity orders.

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